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 +====== ProM6 Package License  ======
 +A ProM 6 Package may have a license that is different from the ProM 6 Framework license. If you want to know the license for a certain ProM 6 Package, please start the ProM 6 Package Manager and select the package. At the right hand side, the license will be shown, next to the logo for the package. 
 +If we (as the owners of the ProM 6 Framework) would be very strict, then every ProM 6 Package would have to use a license that is compatible with the [[:license|GPL license as used by the ProM 6 Framework]]. However, we are not that strict, and allow developers of ProM 6 Packages to use a license that suits them best. We are only strict with the license if the ProM 6 Framework is used in other applications.
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