ProM 6.0 Plug-ins

Plug-inPackageCoreCore Author
Add Artificial End Event FilterPluginsB.F. van Dongen
Add Artificial Start Event FilterPluginsB.F. van Dongen
Add Missing EventsLogInsertStart
Alpha MinerAlphaMiner
Analyze Behavioral Property of Petri netPNAnalysis
Analyze BoundednessPNAnalysis
Analyze Boundedness with LoLAServiceTech
Analyze Free Choice property and Extended Free ChoicePNAnalysis
Analyze Home MarkingPNAnalysis
Analyze LivenessPNAnalysis
Analyze Liveness with SequencesPNAnalysis
Analyze Structural Property of Petri netPNAnalysis
And event classifierPluginsB.F. van Dongen
Basic event classifierPluginsB.F. van Dongen
BPEL visualizationBPEL
BPM 2010 releaseBPM2010
CFG exportPluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Construct Basis of Semi-Positive Place InvariantsPNAnalysis
Construct Basis of Semi-Positive Transition InvariantsPNAnalysis
Construct Log RelationsLogAbstractions
Convert to Inhibitor-netModelsB.F. van Dongen
Convert to Reset/Inhibitor-netModelsB.F. van Dongen
Convert to Reset-netModelsB.F. van Dongen
Day Abstraction Log EditorPluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Declare MinerDeclareMiner
Declare Miner VisualizationDeclareMiner
Declare to LTLDeclareMiner
Default Log FilterPluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Dotted Chart AnalysisDottedChart
Dotted Chart VisualizationDottedChart
Duplicate Event Log FilterPluginsB.F. van Dongen
EPC to Configurable EPCModelsB.F. van Dongen
EPNML export (Petri net)PNMLImportExport
ETCAnalysisResults visualizerETConformance
Event Log FilterPluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Export Declare ModelsDeclareMiner
Export Log to compressed MXML FilePluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Export Log to compressed XES FilePluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Export Log to MXML FilePluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Export Log to XES FilePluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Export LTL ModelsDeclareMiner
Final Event Log FilterPluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Find Dead TransitionPNAnalysis
Fitness VisualizerPetriNetReplayer
Flexible Heuristics MinerHeuristicsMiner
Fuzzy MinerFuzzy
Fuzzy Model visualizationFuzzy
Genet (k-bounded synthesis/mining)TSPetrinet
Genetic MinerGeneticMiner
Genetic MinerGeneticMiner
GER ExtractorTSPetrinet
Guide Tree MinerGuideTreeMiner
Heuristics MinerHeuristicsMiner
Identify Minimal SiphonsPNAnalysis
Identify Minimal TrapsPNAnalysis
Identify P-T HandlesPNAnalysis
Identify S-ComponentsPNAnalysis
Identify T-ComponentsPNAnalysis
Identify T-P HandlesPNAnalysis
ILP Miner 2ILPMiner
Import BPMN model from XPDL 2.1 fileXPDLImportExport
Import C-EPC from EPML fileEPMLImportExport
Import Declare ModelDeclareMiner
Import Inhibitor net from PNML filePNMLImportExport
Import LoLA coverability graph from LoLA cover filePluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Import LTL ModelLTLChecker
Import Open net from PNML filePNMLImportExport
Import Petri net from CFG filePluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Import Petri net from COSA fileCOSAImportExport
Import Petri net from PNML filePNMLImportExport
Import Reset net from PNML filePNMLImportExport
Import Reset/Inhibitor net from PNML filePNMLImportExport
Import TemplateDeclareMiner
Import Transition system from TSML fileTSMLImportExport
Inhibitor Semantics ProviderModelsB.F. van Dongen
Initial Marking Connection FactoryModelsB.F. van Dongen
Inputs for Workload PluginWorkload
instance EPC to Configurable EPCModelsB.F. van Dongen
instance EPC to EPCModelsB.F. van Dongen
Log flexible model connection factoryModelsA. Adriansyah
Log SPD Connection FactoryModelsA. Adriansyah
Log SummaryLogDialog
Log visualizerPluginsB.F. van Dongen
Log visualizerLogInsertStart
Log/Petrinet connection factoryPluginsJ. Munoz
LoLA: A Low-Level Petri Net AnalyzerServiceTech
LTL CheckerLTLChecker
LTL Checker VisualizationLTLChecker
Mine SPD modelSPDiagram
Mined TS visualizationTSMiner
Minimal Region ExtractorTSPetrinet
Open Petrify .g filePetrify
Open Petrify .sg filePetrify
Open TPN fileTPNImportExport
Open XES Log FilePluginsB.F. van Dongen
Open XPDL 2.0 FileBPMN
Operational Support Annotation ProviderTSAnalyzer
Operational Support ServicePluginsM. Westergaard
Operational Support Service ManagerPluginsM. Westergaard
Originator Log FilterPluginsB.F. van Dongen
Pattern Abstraction Frame VisualizationAbstractions
Pattern AbstractionsAbstractions
Petrinet net to Coverability GraphPNAnalysis
Petrinet net to Reachability GraphPNAnalysis
Petrinet reduction on marked Petri netMurata
Petrinet Semantics ProviderModelsB.F. van Dongen
PNML exportTestBed
PNML export (Petri net)PNMLImportExport
Region VisualizerTSPetrinet
Replay Log in Simple Precedence Diagram (SPD)PerfMeasurement
Report visualizationTestBed
Reset/Inhibitor net Selection VisualizationPluginsB.F. van Dongen
ResetInhibitor Net Semantics ProviderModelsB.F. van Dongen
ResetNet Semantics ProviderModelsB.F. van Dongen
Save Petrify file to .sg filePetrify
Signature DiscoverySignatureDiscovery
Simple log filterSimpleLogFilter
Social Network (HoW) minerSocialNetwork
Social Network (RA) minerSocialNetwork
Social Network (SC) minerSocialNetwork
Social Network (ST) minerSocialNetwork
Social Network (WT) minerSocialNetwork
Start and Accept State SearcherModelsB.F. van Dongen
Start Event Log FilterPluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
String VisualizerPluginsB.F. van Dongen
TestBed LiteTestBed
Trace AlignmentTraceAlignment
Trace Alignment Frame VisualizationTraceAlignment
Transition Fitness VisualizerILPMiner
Transition system analyzerTSAnalyzer
Transition system annotation visualizationTSAnalyzer
Transition system convertorTSMiner
Transition system minerTSMiner
Transition System to PetrinetTSPetrinet
Transition system visualizationPluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
TSML export (Transition system)TSMLImportExport
Uma: an Unfolding-based Model AnalyzerPNUnfolding
Unfold Petri net to its bounded finite prefixPNUnfolding
Visualize Aggregated Activities Performance Diagram (AAPD)AAPDiagram
Visualize Aggregated Coverability GraphPNAnalysis
Visualize Aggregated Transition System GraphPNAnalysis
Visualize BPMNBPMN
Visualize EPCPluginsB.F. van Dongen
Visualize Fuzzy Performance Diagram (FPD)Performance
Visualize Global Settings DataPerfMeasurement
Visualize HeuristicsNetHeuristicsMiner
Visualize HeuristicsNet ArrayHeuristicsMiner
Visualize HeuristicsNet with AnnotationsHeuristicsMiner
Visualize HeuristicsNet with Semantics Split/Joing POintsHeuristicsMiner
Visualize HTML textContextsH.M.W. Verbeek
Visualize Petri netPluginsA. Adriansyah
Visualize Petri net Behavioral AnalysisPNAnalysis
Visualize Petri net Structural AnalysisPNAnalysis
Visualize PomPom ViewPomPom
Visualize Resource AnalysisWorkload
Visualize Simple Precedence Diagram (SPD)SPDiagram
Visualize Social NetworkSocialNetwork
Week Abstraction Log EditorPluginsH.M.W. Verbeek
Wendy: Synthesizing Partners for ServicesServiceTech
Workload AnalysisWorkload