ProM 6.4.1. Release notes

Revision 16744

  • The Package Manager now shows error messages when installing packages fails for some reasons. These errors are emphasized by making the text red. In case of errors, the user has to manually close the overlay dialog showing the error messages.

Revision 16651

  • Package Manager now preselects the most appropriate tab (install, update, remove) to the user.
  • Package Manager also preselects the default package that comes with the release.
  • As a result, when starting fresh, the uninstalled default package will be preselected, and the user only needs to select “Install”.
  • If no packages were detected, the Package Manager now shows a warning that no packages were detected, which may be caused by having no internet connection.
  • Removed path to java from shell scripts. Java needs to be in the path, now.

Revision 16553

  • Disabled (de)serialization. Too many problems with that.
  • Fixed issue with canceling an import.

Revision 16480

  • Fixed typos in generated Linux (UNIX) shell scripts.

Revision 16339

  • On Windows, installs in the user’s home folder instead of in the program files folder. This allows the Package manager to change the memory setting for ProM itself (see next item). As a result, there is no need to run the Package Manager as administrator any more.
  • Allows additional memory options (3 GB, 6 GB, 12 GB), and allows the user to select X GB if the machine has X GB.

Revision 16308

  • Requires Java 7 or better. Java 6 or earlier will not do.
  • Uses ​ as default repository.
  • Uses .ProM641 as default user folder.
  • The user can now choose (through the Package Manager) how much memory ProM uses. This feature depends on the ability to change some files in the folder where ProM 6.4.1. has been installed.
  • If the files cannot be written to, an error message will be shown.
  • Improved the DottedChart
    • Removed the statistics panel, which took heaps of memory and time, and presented wrong results.
    • Can now handle missing attributes.
  • Log importer can now handle empty logs.
  • Added LPEngine package, which is now required by DivideAndConquer.