ProM 6.9 release

Important dates (tentative)

  • March 25: Alpha release
  • March 25 – April 22: Alpha testing
  • April 22 – May 20: Alpha bug fixing
  • May 20: Beta release
  • May 20 – June 3: Beta testing and bug fixing
  • June 3: Release


  • July 4
    • Removed the following packages, as they contain old versions of other ProM parts, and hence may break these other ProM parts:
      • ExpertTraceClustering (contains cobefra, which contains old ProM packages)
      • GeneticMinerUsingPartialKnowledge (contains GeneeticMinerEdited, which contains old ProM packages)
      • Hybrid (contains declareminerwithThreads, which contains old ProM packages)
      • HybridModel(contains GraphViz, which contains old ProM package)
      • LocalProcessModelConformance (contains splitminer, which contains old ProM packages)
      • SequencePredictionWithPetriNets (contains splitminer, which contains old ProM packages)
      • StreamConformance (contains old ProM framework)
  • May 29
    • Updated ProM-Framework to 6.9.97, revision 41850.
      • Updated selection algorithm of best repository.
      • ProMClassLoader does not scan itself for packages.
    • Fixed QUT repository URL in ProM.ini file.
    • Fixed InteractiveLocalizedPlaceAnalysis 6.9.35 (issue with old NewPackageIvy files).
  • May 28
    • Updated InductiveVisualMiner to 6.9.639.
  • May 24
    • Added QUT mirror to ProM.ini file. This change is incorporated in the downloads below.
    • Updated InductiveVisualMiner to 6.9.629.
    • Updated ProjectedRecallAndPrecision to 6.9.198.
  • May 22
    • Added JAXB package (version 6.9.6) to support Java 9 and later.
      • If using Java 9 or later, we recommend to install this package.
      • If using Java 8 or earlier, we recommend not to install this package.
  • Beta release
    • Updated packages:
      • EstablishedPackages (to 6.9.126)
      • InductiveVisualMiner (to 6.9.622)
      • GraphStream (to 6.9.17)
      • LogSkeleton (to 6.9.91)
      • PDC2019 (to 6.9.19)
      • PerformanceSpectrum (to 6.9.55)
      • Scala (to 6.9.15)
    • Also updated:
      • packages.xml (removed Filterd and PerformanceSpectrumIntegration).

Please note that some ProM packages (like LpSolve) use libraries that differ per system, and that 32-bit and 64-bit Windows are different systems. If you change from 32-bit to 64-bit (or vice versa), please remove all packages and install them again (which will install the correct versions of the packages) using the Package Manager before running ProM itself. Tyring to run ProM with a wrong version of a package will not work, as ProM will not be able to load such a wrong version.

First steps

Please see the First steps section of ​the ProM 6 installation page.