ProM Lite 1.2 Release Notes

ProM Lite 1.2 is the current candidate for the next ProM Lite release.

The regular ProM release (like the ProM 6.7 release) is a release targeted at researchers. Researchers can use such a release to refer to in their publications. As such, a regular release should not change (no updates), as any change may invalidate results obtained by the release.

As ProM Lite is targeted at end-users, it allows for updates to the packages included in the release. As a result, ProM Lite should not be used to refer to from publications, as it is a moving target.

When starting ProM Lite, and if an internet connection is available, ProM Lite will check whether there are any updates. If so, it will ask the end-user whether to install the updates. If yes, it will first install the updates. At the end, it will start ProM as usual.



  • Revision 36154.
  • Minor changes to .bat files.
  • Added support for hyperedges in graphs.


See Packages for the current list of packages included in this release.


See Plug-ins for the current list of plug-ins available to the end-user in this release.