ProM Lite 1.3 Release Notes


Changes since ProM Lite 1.2.

ProM-Framework 6.10.110

  • Aded option to have multiple packages repositories (one at TU/e, a second at QUT).
  • Added support for Java 9 and later.
  • A bug in the multi-threaded loading of packages has been fixed. This bug caused some packages not be loaded because packages it depended on were not loaded yet.
  • To determine which package repository is used, the times required for the first 1000 characters and the next 100,000 characters are used.
  • The class path for the ProMClassLoader (to be used for Java 9 and later) is now initialized with the current class path.
  • Improved the way paths are converted into URLs.

ProM-Contexts 6.10.62

  • Added support for plug-in icons and plug-in URLs.
  • Added option for JComponents to return a subcomponent as its main component (instead of the entire component itself).

ProM-Models 6.10.40

  • Fixed bug in computation of strongly connected components in directed graphs. This bug caused wrong liveness results for some Petri nets.

ProM-Plugins 6.9.70

  • Disabled “Show Package Overview” plug-in.


CPNet 6.10.135

  • Added plug-in that imports a Petri net from a CPNXML file. Together with the exporter (PetriNets package), this allows to use the new CPN-IDE tool as a Petri net editor.

Filterd 6.10.99

  • A new package that allows you to create a log-filtering notebook.

PetriNets 6.10.158

  • Added plug-in that exports a Petri net to a CPNXML file. Together with the importer (CPNet package), this allows to use the new CPN-IDE tool as a Petri net editor.