ProM Lite Plug-ins

0 Project Precision Measurement on NetDataAwareReplayerVisualizer
1 Show Observed/Possible per TraceDataAwareReplayerVisualizer
1 Projection on the netDataAwareReplayerVisualizer
2 Model-Log Alignment in Presence of DataDataAwareReplayerVisualizer
3 Alignments Grouped by VariantDataAwareReplayerVisualizer
Alpha MinerAlphaMiner
Analyze Behavioral Property of Petri netPNAnalysis
Analyze Structural Property of Petri netPNAnalysis
Analyze with WoflanWoflan
Animate Event Log in Fuzzy InstanceFuzzy
Animate Transition SystemTransitionSystems
BPMN XML 2.0 exportBPMNExporter
Configure Visibility of TransitionsPNetReplayer
Conformance Checking of DPNDataAwareReplayer
Convert CSV to XESLog
Convert Data Petri net to BPMN diagramBPMNConversions
Convert Heuristics net into Petri netHeuristicsMiner
Convert Petri net to BPMN diagramBPMNConversions
Convert Process Tree to Petri NetProcessTree
Create Final MarkingPNetReplayer
Create Initial MarkingPNetReplayer
Create/Edit PetriNet With DataDataPetriNets
Data Petri net (Graphviz)DataPetriNetsVisualizer
Data-aware ExplorerDataAwareExplorerVisualizer
Discovery of the Process Data-Flow (Decision-Tree Miner)DataPetriNets
Enhance Log: Rename Event LogLogEnhancement
Explore Event Log (Trace Variants / Searchable / Sortable)LogEnhancementVisualizer
Export Log to compressed XES FileLogExporter
Export Log to CSV FileLogExporter
Export Log to XES FileLogExporter
Export of Data Petri netsDataPetriNetsExporter
Filter Log on Event Attribute ValuesLog
Filter Log on Trace Attribute ValuesLog
Filter Log using Simple HeuristicsLog
Filter Log: Retain Trace with Higher FitnessDataAwareReplayer
Filter Log: Retain Trace with Lower FitnessDataAwareReplayer
ILP-Based Process DiscoveryHybridILPMiner
Import a CSV file and convert it to XESLogImporter
Import BPMN model from BPMN 2.0 fileBPMNImporter
Import Data Petri Net from PNML fileDataPetriNetsImporter
Import Petri net from PNML filePetriNetsImporter
Import Process tree from PTML fileProcessTreeImporter
Import Transition system from TSML fileTransitionSystemsImporter
Inductive visual MinerInductiveVisualMinerVisualizer
Leemans Episode minerEpisodeMiner
Log VisualizerLogDialogVisualizer
Measure Precision/GeneralizationPNetAlignmentAnalysis
Mine for a Heuristics Net using Heuristics MinerHeuristicsMiner
Mine Fuzzy ModelFuzzy
Mine Petri net with Inductive MinerInductiveMiner
Mine process tree with Inductive MinerInductiveMiner
Mine Transition SystemTransitionSystems
Mine with Inductive visual MinerInductiveVisualMiner
Minimal Region ExtractorTSPetrinetRemoved
Model Projected with AlignmentsPNetAlignmentANalysisVisualizer
Multi-perspective Process ExplorerDataAwareExplorer
Open XES Log File (Disk-buffered by MapDB)XESLiteImporter
Open XES Log File (Disk-buffered by MapDB, w/o cache)XESLiteImporter
Open XES Log File (Lightweight & Sequential IDs)XESLiteImporter
Open XES Log File (Naive)LogImporter
Perform Predictions of Business Process FeaturesFeaturePrediction
Performance Projection to ModelPNetAlignmentAnalysisVisualizer
PNML export (Petri net)PetriNetsexporter
Precision of Data Petri Net (DPN)DataAwareReplayer
Project Alignment to LogPNet ReplayerVisualizer
Project Log on DottedChartLogProjection
Project Manifest to LogPNetReplayerVisualizer
Project Manifest to Model for ConformancePNetAlignmentANalysisVisualizer
PTML export (Process tree)ProcessTreeExporter
Reduce All TransitionsMurata
Reduce All Transitions, Retain Sink/Source PlacesMurata
Reduce Silent TransitionsMurata
Region VisualizerTSPetrinetVisualizer Removed
Repair LogDataAwareReplayer
Repair Log: Globals, Classifiers, ExtensionsLog
Repair ModelRepairModel
Repair Model (find loops)RepairModel
Repair Model (find subprocesses)RepairModel
Repair Model (remove unused parts)RepairModel
Replay a Log on Petri Net for Conformance AnalysisPNetReplayer
Replay a Log on Petri Net for Performance/Conformance AnalysisPNetReplayer
Select Best Fuzzy InstanceFuzzy
Select BPMN DiagramBPMN
Show animationAnimationVisualizer
Show (Default) Fuzzy InstanceFuzzyVisualizer
Show Fuzzy ModelFuzzyVisualizer
Show Leemans Episode Model RulesEpisodeMinerVisualizer
Show Mined Transition SystemTransitionSystemsVisualizer
Show PomPomViewPomPomViewVisualizer
Show Transition SystemTransitionSystemsVisualizer
Social Network (HoW) minerSocialNetwork
Social Network (RA) minerSocialNetwork
Social Network (SC) minerSocialNetwork
Social Network (ST) minerSocialNetwork
Social Network (WT) minerSocialNetwork
Time Between Transition AnalysisPNetAlignmentAnalysisVisualizer
Time Between Transition Class AnalysisPNetAlignmentAnalysisVisualizer
Trace Alignment of AlignmentsPNetAlignmentAnalysisVisualizer
Transition System to PetrinetTSPetrinet
TSML export (Transition system)TransitionSystemsExporter
Visualize BPMNBPMNVisualizer
Visualize DottedChartLogProjectionVisualizer
Visualize Fuzzy Instance (Dot)GraphVisualizersVisualizer
Visualize HeuristicsNet with AnnotationsHeuristicsMinerVisualizer
Visualize HTML textFrameworkVisualizer
Visualize Petri netPetriNetsVisualizer
Visualize Petri Net (Dot)GraphVisualizersVisualizer
Visualize Petri Net (Dot) [show place labels]GraphVisualizersVisualizer
Visualize Process tree as BPMNProcessTreeVisualizer
Visualize Process tree as TreeProcessTreeVIsualizer
Visualize Social NetworkSocialNetworkVisualizer
Visualize Transition System (Dot)GraphVisualizersVisualizer