Event Logs – slide 4

Again, this example I’ve shown you before. You buy a public transport card. You travel on the bus. And you top up and you travel some more. And then you stop. So just imagine what type of data could be recorded on each event. For instance, when you buy a card, it could be recorded when you bought it, January 1, 2016; where you bought it, Main Street; what the card ID is; how much money you put on the card; et cetera, et cetera. So for the buy public transport card event, many data attributes could be recorded. For instance, here, after you bought a card, you check in on the same day. And on this event, you can record where you checked in, Main Street, with which card, and on which bus, the 404. So each event or activity in this process can contain a lot of data that you can use, where, when, how, et cetera, et cetera.