Installing ProM Lite – slide 5

So ProM can be downloaded from And on the right, you see several download links. So for Windows, you have ProM Lite, which we are using– including a 64-bit Java Runtime, 32-bits or without Java Runtime. And also, for other platforms, you can download ProM Lite. So if you’re using Linux, you can also use ProM Lite. It’s important, however, to note that we’re not downloading ProM. We’re downloading ProM Lite. And always take the newest ProM Lite version, of course. And it’s always recommended to do this, including the Java Runtime Environment, there you get the best guarantees that it runs out of the box. So we’ll click this link, and it’s downloading the installer.

That gives us time to, in the meantime, explain you what you see on for the rest. So below the download links, there are also documents. So there are example log files, and there’s also a getting started and tutorial guides that help you to get familiar with the ProM user interface, and also to learn how to apply certain techniques. However, we, of course, also cover this in this course, but if you need a bit more information, you can look here. There are also other links to other websites related to ProM and process mining. So in the meantime, the download has finished, so we can start the installer.