Installing ProM Lite – slide 7

And when you start it, you get this Flash screen, giving you the revision numbers and the people that contributed to ProM. And at the first boot, it will need to install the packages. So this is the screen that you will get, and it will now download and install all the packages that are required. So as we said before, ProM is a framework, and all the features are provided by plugins. These can be updated regularly. So it could be that when you start ProM Lite after a couple of days, there is a message saying there are new versions of plugins ready. Do you want to download them? It’s always recommended to do so because ProM Lite is heavily tested and always contains the latest bug fixes. And since it’s downloading all these packages– so over 100– this can take a while, but please just let it finish and download everything that’s required.

So now it notifies us by lighting up the green OK button that the downloading is complete. And then the next phase is the first start of ProM, and what it does in the background is it scans all the downloaded plugin files, and it tries to find all the plugins that are in there. So it’s scanning all the files. And this, again, can take a while, but it’s only happening the first time. And once it’s done, you see the first– an empty view of ProM, which we will explain in the next lectures. So now you have installed ProM. You can start process mining. So now we hope you all have installed ProM Lite, which prepares you for the next lectures, where we will actually show you how to use ProM Lite and how to interpret the analysis results. Hope to see you again soon.