Introduction – slide 4

And in process mining we focus on event data because event data is also everywhere. Let’s give you a couple of examples. For instance, whenever you use your bank card to pay for groceries or whatever, an event is triggered. A particular amount was paid at a particular store at a particular time and place. But also, whenever you make a phone call or send an email, data and particularly event data is written. What route does your email take, et cetera, et cetera. Also, now with smart TVs they also store when they are on, and which channels are watched when. Smartphones, they record where they are and when, which apps are used, et cetera, et cetera. And you can do useful stuff with this. When you come home turn the Wi-Fi on, for instance. And also, public transport, of course. With a public transport card, you can check in and out and this all creates data– when did you check in and where. And, of course, when you browse the Internet data is recorded– which website and which page was visited, when and for how long. And this can be used to improve. For instance, this course we can analyze which lectures were more difficult than others. Let’s go into a bit more detail. So, let’s take the public transport example.