Introduction – slide 5

So, what does a process related to public transport look like? Well, you start with buying a public transport card. And where you buy this, when, and how much you put on your card can all be recorded. Once you have this card, you can check in on the bus, another event. And then you check out on the bus, another event. You know exactly who checked out where and how long it took, for instance, between check in and check out. And after you’ve checked out on the bus you can check in on the bus or the subway or train or whatever and then you can check out again. So, there’s a whole journey. You’re traveling from one place to another, checking in and out multiple times. At some point you also top up which is a different type of activity which is also recorded. And then you can check in and check out again. And finally, of course, you stop. You reach your destination and this process for now stops. But at any point you can start this process again. At every step event data is recorded.