Introduction – slide 6

Second example, whenever you apply for a loan, this application has to be handled by the bank. So, the first step of the bank is to register your application. They have to store it somewhere in an IT system with all the details that you provide. After this, several checks have to be performed but in arbitrary order. So, your case is virtually split and three people can work on this together. For instance, your credit has to be checked. Didn’t you loan already too much. They also have to calculate the capacity. How much can you loan at maximum? And they want to do some other checks in the system. Once all these three checks are performed the process merges again and a decision can be made. Do we approve or reject this loan application? And whatever the decision, an email is sent to you informing you of the decision. So, although this may be a simplistic view of a process, we hope you can imagine that handling a loan application follows this type of processes and usually supported by an IT system and therefore creating a lot of data that can be analyzed afterwards.