Introduction – slide 7

Let’s look at a third example. Whenever you order something online, this order has to be delivered. So, you have your order, and it contains three packages– red, blue, and green. And, of course, once you place the order, somewhere you have to pay so this needs to be tracked. Only once you paid your order will be shipped. So, after you’ve paid, for instance, the red and the green packages can already be shipped. So, they’re loaded on the truck and moved to your house, and they are delivered. And maybe a couple of days later blue is in stock so the blue item is also shipped and delivered at your house. Again, a very simplistic view on the process but we hope you can see that one order has one payment but might contain multiple shipments. And if you’re not at home a shipment might have several attempts. You’re not at home, it’s returned and shipped another time. So, in a process a lot of exceptions have to be handled. And, again, each step is recorded.