Process Mining with ProM

Learn how to use the free, open source process mining framework (ProM) to analyse, visualise, and improve processes based on data.

Week 1: Introduction into process mining and ProM

IntroductionProM LiteEvent LogsConverting data into an event logExploring and filtering event logsWeek 1 closing

Week 2: Process models and process discovery

Process modelsProcess discovery and process model qualityAlpha minerHeuristics minerInductive minerFuzzy minerWeek 2 closing

Week 3: Advanced process mining techniques

Conformance checkingPerformance analysisSocial network analysisProcess mining case studiesOverview of process mining activitiesWeek 3 closing

Week 4: Applying what you’ve learned

Event log exploration and filteringProcess discovery and conformance checkingFurther process analysisWeek 4 and course closing discussion