ProM 5.2


ProM 5.2 Windows
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Version: ProM 5.2
ProM 5.2 MacOS
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Version: ProM 5.2
ProM 5.2 All platforms (tar.gz)
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Version: ProM 5.2


ProM 5.2 is distributed under the CPL license.


In ProM 5.2, there are more than 230 plug-ins available, and we support the import of (and the conversion between) several process modelling languages, such as:

There are mining plugins, such as:

  • Plugins supporting control-flow mining techniques (such as the Alpha algorithm, Genetic mining, Multi-phase mining, …)
  • Plugins analysing the organizational perspective (such as the Social Network miner, the Staff Assignment miner, …)
  • Plugins dealing with the data perspective (such as the Decision miner, …)
  • Plugins for mining less-structured, flexible processes (such as the Fuzzy Miner)
  • Elaborate data visualization plugins (such as the Cloud Chamber Miner)
  • (and many more)

Furthermore, there are analysis plugins dealing with:

  • The verification of process models (e.g., Woflan analysis)
  • Verification of Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) formulas on a log
  • Checking the conformance between a given process model and a log
  • Performance analysis (Basic statistical analysis, and Performance Analysis with a given process model)

Finally, ProM sports a large array of log filters, which are a valuable tool for cleaning logs from undesired, or unimportant, artefacts.