Event Log

Represents an event log according to the XES standard www.xes-standard.org/.

An event log object contains

  • one or more logs
  • each log contains zero or more traces
  • each trace contains zero or more events

Traces and events are described by attributes.


Import from

  • XES files (.xes or .xes.gz). Several import plugins are available that differ in their performany and memory footprint
    • ProM log files (Naive), will always work, but has largest memory footprint
    • ProM log files (XESlite – MapDB) recommended importer, most memory efficient representation

Export to

  • XES file (.xes or .xes.gz). Several export plugnis are available
    • Compressed XES files recommended exporter, write to a compressed “.xes.gz” file
    • XES files, write to an uncompresses .xes file
  • CSV file, convert to a csv file to use in process mining tools that do not support the XES standard or for use in table-based data analysis frameworks


You can create an event log

  • from an event table (CSV file) using Convert CSV to XES plugin

You can use event logs with almost all plugins in ProM.