Using ProM Lite – slide 6

Let’s start the Alpha miner. And when you press Start, you get a dialog with several options, and you can click Next, Next until you get the Finish button, and then it will run. And it will produce a new output. So we will explain the process model notation later. But when you click the highlighted button, you go back to the Object view, and you see that you actually created a Petri net next to your event log. You can rename this, for instance, “loan using Alpha.” Now the object was renamed, and you can also export this to disk, loan using Alpha. And now you have a Petri net file on disk that you can use in other tools or later on for further analysis. Let’s clean the workspace. And that’s the basic usage of ProM. So now we hope you have a good understanding of the basic interface of the process mining tool ProM. And in the next lectures, we will dive deeper into particular analysis techniques and how to interpret the results. So we hope to see you again at the next lecture.