ProM Lite 1.1 Release notes

ProM Lite 1.1 is the current candidate for the next ProM Lite release.

The regular ProM release (like the ProM 6.6 release) is a release targeted at researchers. Researchers can use such a release to refer to in their publications. As such, a regular release should not change (no updates), as any change may invalidate results obtained by the release.

As ProM Lite is targeted at end-users, it allows for updates to the packages included in the release. As a result, ProM Lite should not be used to refer to from publications, as it is a moving target.

When starting ProM Lite, and if an internet connection is available, ProM Lite will check whether there are any updates. If so, it will ask the end-user whether to install the updates. If yes, it will first install the updates. At the end, it will start ProM as usual.


  • Requires Java 7 or better.
  • Uses ​ as default repository. As a result, users of the previous ProM Lite (“AluM”) will also benefit from this release.
  • Uses .ProMLite11 as default user folder.
  • Installs by default in the ProM Lite 1.1 folder in the user’s home folder.


  • Revision 28643.
  • Loads the packages and plug-ins faster at startup.
  • If needed, a connection timeout and a read timeout can be set in the ProM.ini file:
    • #
    • # Timeouts (in milliseconds) used when trying to get a file from the repository.
    • # Setting a timeout to 0 means no timeout wil be set.
    • READ_TIMEOUT = 0
  • Solved problem with the Import… button. On some systems, selecting this button would cause ProM to hang.
  • Enabled the possibility to select multiple files when importing files. For every selected file, the user now needs to specify which importer should be used for that file.
  • When visualizing an boject (like a log or a Petri net), the last (instead of the first) visualizer used to visualize the object is now used.


See Packages for the current list of packages included in this release.


See Plug-ins for the current list of plug-ins available to the end-user in this release.